August 11, 2020

Payday loan for civil servants.

A cheap payday loan for civil servants cannot be compared to a normal consumer loan. Civil servants cannot be dismissed easily by the state and are therefore considered to be almost irrevocable. In addition, they earn very good money in their job, so the loan can be repaid in any case. The credit default rate at banks is therefore classified as very low, so that special conditions can be granted. Many banks have adjusted to this professional group and have attractive offers for a cheap payday loan for civil servants. The story is on

June 25, 2019

Interest-free loan from the state

Interest-free loan of the state Given the complexity of skills policy and the opportunities for mutual learning, the OECD has developed a comprehensive skills strategy that helps states identify the opportunities and risks of their qualification systems, compare them internationally and develop measures to ensure that qualifications become more Employment, economic growth and social inclusion. has more details This paper presents a structure that helps states to achieve the goal of education and the best possible use of an excellent pool of competencies. The OECD’s qualification strategy envisages a reorientation from traditional skill-level measurements, such as the number of formal years of education or completion, to a much broader…

June 1, 2019

Personal Payday Loans | Apply Now!

Each person and each project has its own characteristics. Thanks to crowdfunding loans we can clearly specify our project, what we want the money for and how we are going to pay it. With the advice provided by the crowdfunding platform, we will present our project as it is, unique and different, not something standard. Independent Domicile your income to get a loan? Change bank? With crowdfunding, loan forgets about mandatory changes. You can operate from your usual financial institution, the one you want, where you will be domiciled with the periodic payment of the fee as if it were any receipt. Your independence is priceless and with a crowdfunding…

May 31, 2019

How Do You Calculate Your Maximum Mortgage?

This is a question that many people struggle with. In the past it was easy: In most families the man was employed and the woman could stay home with the children. From the man’s income many families could get a mortgage with which they could buy a house with a garden. But, times have changed. Single earners do not always have to knock at the bank when they have a house in mind and need a mortgage. You hear more and more that people keep on renting, simply because they can not get a mortgage that matches their housing needs. But how much mortgage can you get? What options do…

May 31, 2019

Interest Rate of a Fixed-Rate Mortgage

We hear more and more often talk about spreads : but it is not always clear to everyone what its meaning is . And, above all, sometimes it can escape the reason why it has become so important to the point of conditioning the economic choices and political destinies of an entire nation. To fully understand the meaning of the spread and its reasons is therefore an important first step in order to assess whether there really are any imposing clouds on the horizon for our economy and to understand whether, behind the countless statements of politicians in this period, there are always serious reasons or the usual attempts to…

May 11, 2019

The Tax Breaks On Mortgages – Debts

Tax concessions on mortgages In this page of our guide to home loans we will talk about the main tax breaks on mortgages provided by our legislation. The mortgage is a financial instrument that has a strong social value as it is often used by families for the purchase of the house in which they will live. For this reason, the legislator provides a series of particularly advantageous benefits especially in the case where the purpose of the loan has precisely that social value mentioned above. We can distinguish between two main types of benefits. – Tax relief on the mortgage contract; – Tax deductions . Let’s look at both…

May 9, 2019

Borrow Money for a House – House Loans

Although some people prefer renting a house to buying a house, for example because they do not want to accept the obligation or because they do not yet know exactly what they want, many people still cherish the dream of eventually buying their own house. But is it always feasible? How much can you borrow for a house and can you buy the house of your dreams? You will receive general information about borrowing for a house and we will give you a number of practical examples. How much can you borrow for a house? On this website you can read how you get to know what maximum mortgage you…

May 5, 2019

The Variable Rate Mortgage with Constant Installment – Credit Loan

In order to favor the choice of the type of loan most suited to the needs of its customers, as is well known, in recent years banks have begun to propose solutions that go beyond the eternal dilemma between fixed and variable rates. Thus other forms of mortgage were born, with a mixed rate or variable with a constant cap or installment . These solutions are proposed by highlighting the opportunity to grasp the typical advantages of both the variable rate (savings and opportunities to be seized in the event of falling rates) and the fixed (security in the event of market turbulence and rising rates). But it is always…

May 2, 2019

What Is Employee Savings? Savings and Profit Sharing

It is simply a savings provided by certain companies to their employees. Its functioning is based on the participation and the profit-sharing established by the State. Salary savings and participation Companies with 50 or more employees are directly involved because participation is mandatory in this type of structure. Participation involves involving employees of the company within the company in order to increase productivity against a return in the form of employee savings. The contribution collected is considered as an income so taxable, it can be recovered by any employee within a period of 15 days. It is quite possible to leave this savings aside and recover it whenever you want….

April 6, 2019

Problems with Payment Terms, What Now?

You do not usually take out a loan because you have so much money left at the end of the month. If that is the case, it is of course more sensible to first build up a buffer and to use your savings at the end of the ride for unexpected expenses. Even with a narrow purse, it is often possible to set aside some extra money; though you save only a few euros per month, as long as you stay away from your savings account, you still build up something. But what if you already have a loan and are in trouble with your payment terms? Take out a…