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A group for adults who have converted to the Lutheran Faith.

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Imagine A Church

"Imagine a church that is both evangelical - proclaiming the free forgiveness of sins through faith in Jesus Christ - and sacramental, centering its spiritual life in the regenerating waters of baptism and the real presence of Christ in Holy Communion.

Imagine further a church that is strongly grounded on Scripture, but yet avoids the solipsism of individual interpretation in favor of a comprehensive, intellectually rigorous and imminently orthodox theological system.

Imagine a worship service that features both strong preaching and the historic liturgy. Imagine that this is a historical church with a rich spiritual tradition, but without legalism.

Imagine, in short, a church that has some of the best parts of Protestantism and the best parts of Catholicism. Finally, imagine that this church body is not some little made-up sect, but one of the largest bodies of Christians in the world.

Such a church might seem like what many Christians, disaffected by both the vacuity of liberal theology and the shallowness of American evangelicalism, are dreaming of. Such a church exists. It goes by the admittedly inadequate name "Lutheran"."
Dr. Gene Veith

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Comment Wall

Comment by Rayanna Lee on March 23, 2008 at 10:15am
Are you ever drawn to your old church? I have a friend who is a very active catholic(my old church) and when we talk of religion, ceremony,ect, I often find myself wistful for some of what I have left behind. During a crisis my family had recently, I ended up pulling out my old rosary and using it to pray, but I changed the prayers to ones for famliy members who were affected-this really helped calm me and get me through a few rough weeks, but when it was over I put my rosary back up. I just wondered if any one else ever felt the pull of their childhood faith?
Comment by Streetheart 55 on April 10, 2008 at 8:15pm
I have tried several churches since getting dissatisfied with Roman Catholicism about six years ago. I do miss many of the 'rituals' which I grew up with as a catholic but cannot belief in much of the churche's false teachings anymore. Lutheranism has been a church I've come to love. Many of the Baptist and Pentecostal churches are too far out for me and there are quite a few who don't even teach solid doctrine anymore either. (Too much 'Christian' rock music, I guess)
Anyway, I want to meet new people in my adopted church from around North AMerica.
Comment by J.W. on January 16, 2009 at 12:36am
Dear Friends in Christ,
Malta is one of only two English-speaking nations (Fiji is the other) in which abortion is illegal in every case. However, the UN is currently trying to force them to change this policy.
Please join the 'Pray for Malta' group, please remember to pray that God will grant them the strength to persevere where most of the rest of the world has failed, and please spread the word.
Grace and peace remain with you all, in Christ, as well as my best wishes,
Comment by Paul Thompson on August 31, 2009 at 2:47pm
Hello. I will be beginning Catechism classes (along with my whole family) this Friday. I found a nice, liturgical, confessional Lutheran Church (LCMS) and am very happy with it. I do, however, find quite a lot of apathy from the members. I also notice quite a few LCMS church jumping on the "Church Growth" bandwagon with rock music and all that junk. Please, someone comfort me with some promise that the LCMS will not go the way of popular evangelicalism and sell out to the purpose driven, seeker sensitive crowd. I suppose this is why I joined the Wittenberg Trail. I probably should post this as a discussion!
Comment by Charles Farrell Skinner on January 1, 2011 at 12:38pm

I am a soon to be 74 year old male who grew up in a rural Baptist Church make up of "good people," and when I went off to college, I rejected all of that "stuff" I had been taught, as so many young people do, I think.  Then about ten years later, for some reason I stopped at a Lutheran Church located on a street I used every day on my way home.  I had a long talk with the Pastor.  The church was a part of the old American Lutheran Church. The following Sunday I visited, and it was like a light being turned on in a dark room, or like a locked door suddenly being opened.  That was in 1966, as I remember it. Following that, I have been a member and more or less active in Lutheran Churches.  Some were ELCA churches before they "went off the deep end," and some Missouri.  My first wife of almost 47 years died in 2004, and in 2006 I met and married a wonderful lady and moved in with her.  She was a long time member of a nearby Methodist Church, and even though I hated to leave the Lutheran Church, after awhile I thought it best not to disturb her long time association with that chruch. This was all right for awhile, but soon I started really missing the Lutheran Church. My new wife knew and understood this and agreed to visit some Lutheran Churches with me.  After about six months we agreed on one of the Lutheran Churches we had visited, and both of us went to the "new member/instruction class."  We joined that wonderful old Missouri Synod church a little more than a year ago and I feel that I have "returned home."  The service was strange for her at first, but she soon adjusted to it.  My only major concern now is that the Lutheran Church Missouri Synod, as a whole, may be drifting toward what I call the "Rock and Rol Church," with so called Praise Bands, etc.  This is extremely upsetting for me.  I visited one of these church not too long ago and was shocked at what I saw.  The church was "out of town," and I did not know that it was a "rock and roll church," but I should have known something was wrong when I noticed that the word Lutheran appeared nowhere that I could find.  There was almost nothing in the so-called worship service that remotely close to "Lutheranism."  There was a "confession and forgiveness," but it was so weak and water down that a person from the outside likely would not have even known what was happening.  At my advanced age, I likely will not live to see my beloved LCMS go completely down the road of "showmanship, and cheap music," but I would hate to go to my grave knowing that there is a real possiblilty of this happening. I read a qoute somewhere lately that went somethink like this --- "As you worship, so you are. As you worship, so you believe." (or something like that)  I WILL NOT  be a member of such a "rock and roll church!"  If all LCMS went down that road, where would I go?  What is going on with our Wisconsis friends?  Are they too caught up in the foolishnesses?  I doubt it. I know that this is too long, but I just had to "get it off my chest."


Charles Skinner 

Comment by Paul Thompson on January 1, 2011 at 3:02pm
Hello Mr. Skinner,  The Wisconsin Synod is doing the same thing.  They believe that the worship of God is a relative thing.  This is sooo wrong.  In Eastern Orthodoxy, proper worship comes first and everything else follows.  They believe this because the end of all study and theology is the proper worship of God, so they figure if they get worship right everything else will fall in place (or remain how it has been for 2,000 years).  I'm not condoning Eastern Orthodoxy, just using them as a great example of stability in worship, which they are.  WORSHIP IS NOT A RELATIVE THING!  I can't stand faddish music and worship in church.  It nearly makes me puke.


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