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Always learning and repenting under the cross!

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David Casey-Motley joined Brady Finnern's group

Football, Rest, and Confessions

Every Sunday evening we will be studying what it means to be Lutheran by digging into the Book of Concord. Join us!See More
Dec 20, 2011
Suzee commented on Brady Finnern's group Football, Rest, and Confessions
"Again, anyone looking for studying Lutheran Confessions, this group was moved to here. Please join us."
Jun 3, 2010
Suzee commented on Brady Finnern's group Football, Rest, and Confessions
Jun 3, 2010
Suzee joined Brady Finnern's group

Football, Rest, and Confessions

Every Sunday evening we will be studying what it means to be Lutheran by digging into the Book of Concord. Join us!See More
Jun 3, 2010
Kari commented on Brady Finnern's group Football, Rest, and Confessions
"Peter, I'm not Brady, but I just looked at the cyberbrethren blog spot, and guess what? Follow this link. It may answer your question. I have not read it myself yet, but it addresses why we go by the name…"
May 31, 2010
Norm Fisher commented on Brady Finnern's group Football, Rest, and Confessions
Mar 25, 2010
Tom Shepherd commented on Brady Finnern's group Football, Rest, and Confessions
"Mark, this study has continued in the group "Study Group / The Lutheran Confessions". Hope to see you there."
Mar 25, 2010
Profile IconNorm Fisher and Scott Diekmann joined Brady Finnern's group

Football, Rest, and Confessions

Every Sunday evening we will be studying what it means to be Lutheran by digging into the Book of Concord. Join us!See More
Mar 10, 2010

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Tell us about yourself ( e.g. hobbies, education, projects you are working on, etc.). What brings you to the Wittenberg Trail?
I am a LCMS pastor at St. John Lutheran in North Prairie, WI. I graduated from Concordia Seminary in 2006. Always looking for confessional discusions and am humbled by the grace of God.
I am a...
Lutheran pastor

Brady Finnern's Blog

Confessional Studies have

I have started a discussion on the confessions. It will all be posted on Sunday evenings. Even though I have studied the confessions in Sem and in ministry, I am by no means a confessional scholar. I am looking for input and ideas from many of you. Here is my recent post on

Football, rest, and Confessions-Week 1

Welcome everyone to our first session of Confessional Studies on Sunday evening. I would argue that in today's world, many of us Lutherans… Continue

Posted on November 17, 2008 at 7:05pm

Confessional Study on my blog?

I have been praying and reflecting for some time on our lives as Lutheran Christians. Most of us know the very basics of the Lutheran faith (Saved by grace through faith and at least knowing what what the Small Catechism is). However, when our churches subscribe to the Book of Concord in our constitution and when we install a new pastor, do we know what that means? But have we really dug deep into the writings that bring out what Scripture tells… Continue

Posted on November 14, 2008 at 12:30pm — 4 Comments

How do we uplift marriage in our churches?

We are failing! As the divorce rate hovers around 50% and the number of people who just live together without the commitment grows, we are fighting an uphill battle. Since most weddings take place in a church of somesort, the church at large is probably the biggest reason why divorce is so high. Our problem is that we usually blame society and do not take responsibility for our lack of action.

So where in the world do we start? I have to admit, I am at a complete loss. I need input.… Continue

Posted on October 31, 2008 at 1:44pm — 7 Comments

How much can we discuss who to vote for in 08'?

As the politics heat up, the relationship of church and state is always a hot question. As Lutherans we would make a distinction of God's kingdom of the right (church) and the left (government). God rules over both, each one given different responsibilities. Church=gospel gifts, Government=order in society.

So when it comes to John McCain vs. Barak Obama, what do we say as a church?

As the church, we probably should not deal a ton with foreign policy, economic plans, etc,… Continue

Posted on August 25, 2008 at 12:17pm — 7 Comments

Confessional Church Signs?

Ever went to a church because of a church sign? Many of our churches make the "church sign" seem to be the greatest evangelism tool since Peter's sermon at Penecost! Does it do a lot? I would argue no. Does it turn people off? Absolutely! Most people I know make fun of the signs and it ends up being a comical moment for them on the way to work.

But church signs are here to stay and since we do have to live with em', then how do we do it in a confessional way? By the way, "What is… Continue

Posted on August 17, 2008 at 6:01pm — 5 Comments

Comment Wall (15 comments)

At 12:49pm on March 22, 2008, Rev. Jonathan Fisk said…
What are you doing here??? I always thought you were one of "those guys," you know, the loser liberal church-growthy anti-Issues, Etc, girlie-men.

Glad to have you on our side, you big push over! :D

How goes the call? I just got installed at my second, if you can believe it. Crazy days.
At 6:39pm on March 25, 2008, Rev. Jonathan Fisk said…
Yeah...the first call was, um...bad. The parish closed for financial reasons within the first year. There was very little I could do about that. Bascially, they were funded by a sister parish, who couldn't even fund herself, and then backed out after I got there. To make it worse, there's a lot of assumptions about a guy who "closes down a church." So the next call relied on some networking on my own.

Thankfully, God allowed me to meet a guy from the Philly area at a conference in Cally that first summer (which my first parish sent me to, to help them "grow" - mostly crap...check that...ALL crap. :D ) The guy was real solid and part of a good circuit down in Philly.

Things are tough, the parishes are weak, and there's a lot of old pietism/liberalism. But, at the same time, it's a HUGE venue for operations. What's more, they've been able to begin unite the local parishes in working together for larger picture goals. So, I've been called to a fairly healthy, but financially somewhat weak, parish, with the part time subsequence of being the Philadelphia area Director of Young Adult Discipleship and Outreach. We're gonna try to bring all 25 young adults from all 23 congregations together at an extra-Sunday event (not DS!) to focus on community, discipleship, and outreach to our generation. The few I've met are really motivated, very interested, and...yes...Lutheran! Yay.

Meanwhile, my parish is great. They're a wonderfully compassionate and hospitable group, with a tradition of liturgy and Lutheran identity. And they're screaming for more catechesis. They were previously a dual parish, and the Pastor had to spend a lot of time at the other parish. A lot of time.

We're moving into the parsonage on Sat.

Meanwhile, welcome to daughterhood! I've got two little pipsqueaking girls too. I'd like a boy, but girls are great. :D Guess we'll have to keep haven' em.

Well, dude. Learn from the confessions, ahoy!
At 9:30am on March 28, 2008, Eric said…
went well man, how was yours? Thanks again for the great weekend.
At 5:31am on April 15, 2008, Rev. David E. Daniel said…
Hi Brady, It is good to hear from you. Yep, I am no longer titled a janitor, I now have the title Pastor but I still do the cleaning. I was ordained and installed here last July 1st here at United in Christ Lutheran Church, Flint, Michigan. UIC Lutheran is the product of two congregation joining forces ten years ago.
Being the sole pastor isbusy, but I love what I am doing.
More Later,
At 7:11pm on April 15, 2008, Melissa DeGroot said…
If I could explain the bureaucratic nonsense in a small comment, I would. But the plan is for Adam to go one vicarage. Not sure what's happening with me.
At 8:01am on April 18, 2008, Melissa DeGroot said…
No, I haven't heard anything about Issues, Etc. Although they did have a picketing protest outside the IC a few days ago! Todd Wilkins is on WT, you could ask him.

Thanks for the support. I don't know what's going on, but I am confident (now that the emotions have subsided) that wherever Adam goes on vicarage, will be great, and I will be happy no matter what. :)
At 10:47am on July 7, 2008, Tim Seidenstricker said…
Thanks for adding me! Yes, Roy is my Grandpa and Steve and Larry are my uncles. (My dads two younger brothers). Where are you a Pastor?
At 12:24pm on July 11, 2008, Rev. Matthew Gunia said…
Look at you. You even have your kid making the "L" sign for Lutheran. I'm so proud of you.
At 8:15pm on September 23, 2008, Kari said…
Hi! I attend your dad's church. We've met, in fact. I want to congratulate you on winning Jeff Schwarz blog of the week. I'm a huge Issues Etc fan. I see you have that blog post on your site here, so think I need to read it. I see Pr Hinz is your friend on here. I don't think he's on here much. I'll have to give him a hard time, because I've invited him in the past, too. Never knew he had joined.
At 8:17pm on September 23, 2008, Kari said…
Oh, just want to say, my niece will be moving out your way next month after her wedding, and I'm pushing her toward your church. I'll get you her name, address, phone number after she's there if she doesn't show up.

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